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Do you have an innovative product or service that you would like to promote worldwide?

Are you building a “cool” product with one large customer and wondering what would happen to your business if that customer has a change of direction?

How much has the lack of exposure to world markets cost you?

The truth is that these are common concerns of many technology savvy or engineering driven organizations who have tremendous ingenuity when it comes to building a state-of-the-art product, but have not put the same level of effort in generating revenues in a global market. How would you solve these marketing problems?

We are sure you will agree that the old cliché “If you build it, they would come” does not apply to today’s economy. We can help you expand your business globally. Our Telecom Consulting Area is dedicated to providing winning business development and marketing strategies for small to medium size companies. Our services can and will change your business life, especially if you are building or planning to build innovative solutions.

These strategies are based on proven success principles in the US, Mexico and Latin American markets.

Consulting Services: Discover the amazing hidden success secrets of Global Marketing experts… Would you like to know the fastest way to build customer alliances in international markets?

Would your company benefit by avoiding costly mistakes? Are you a budding entrepreneur or a corporate maverick who would like to know how to create unparalleled profits? Telecom Consulting mission is (a) to help companies explore and discard ineffective business systems and retool them to promote their innovative products and services in global markets, (b) to build worldwide customer alliances for client companies, and (c) to empower businesses by leveraging offshore outsourcing opportunities. Who can get most benefits from these services: * “Start-ups” who have innovative product or service and want to find their ideal customers overseas and build partnerships; * “Companies in Transition” who have been forced to change direction as the markets have shifted due to the global economy; * “Incubators” exploring concepts and potential worldwide applications; * “Medium size companies” who want to reduce costs and expand their businesses in global markets.

Outsourcing Services:

Offshore outsourcing can not only cut costs dramatically but also enable a 24×7 operation. While big companies are routinely leveraging offshore outsourcing today, small to medium size companies do not have the same muscle and know-how to establish their own offshore centers. Telecom Consulting specializes in assisting small to medium size companies in establishing offshore development centers for software and ASIC design for wireless and wireline products and outsourcing of customer services.

We have access to a large pool of skilled resources in India who have extensive experience in working with Tier 1 US companies. We can help you set-up a development center in India and handle all the necessary logistics.

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