Regulation of Communications Markets

Regulation of Communications Markets

All around the world, the communications environment continues to undergo rapid change. The spread of new technology and the trend towards increased liberalization and privatization have opened up telecommunications markets, leading to new stycosn2les of regulation and new challenges for regulatory authorities.

Rosillo.Net’s’ multi-disciplined team of telecommunications experts has assisted many governments and regulators to adapt and implement new regulatory regimes. As a result, we have amassed a wealth of project experience in telecommunications reform, institutional development and regulatory structures. Rosillo.Net’s multi-disciplined team has global expertise in all aspects of legal, commercial and technical aspects of regulation, and can provide comprehensive and up-to-date advice on:

  • Establishing, maintaining and strengthening appropriate regulatory frameworks

  • Institutional development of regulatory bodies;

  • Authorization and licensing


Our knowledge and expertise covers most aspects of the regulated market and most geographical regions. Rosillo.Net consultants have already assisted many customers with Ministries and National Regulatory Authorities in the USA, Mexico and Peru


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