Software Development

Software Engineering Lifecycle

For Rosillo.Net, the first step in the bespoke software development process is to immerse ourselves in the client’s software requirements. This provides the insights we need to determine the best bespoke software development route.

For many organizations, the fastest and most efficient route to developing significant growth in market share is through the integration of robust and secure bespoke software development.

Establishing the anticipated long-term bespoke software development requirements of the business is essential and creates the opportunity to ‘design in’ scalable bespoke functionality. This approach allows the bespoke development to change with the needs of the client while achieving the time and cost efficiency with minimum disruption to the business.

Rosillo.Net delivers superior service and ‘added-value’ by applying ‘best practice’ in all areas of analysis, design and bespoke software development.

Our extensive range of business applications software developments includes the following projects:-

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Order processing

  • Business centric application analysis and development

  • Stock management

  • Order processing systems

  • Special pricing algorithm

  • Data management system

  • Document management

  • Database applications

  • System integration

  • Production planning

  • Questionnaire data capture and reporting

  • Resource planning application

  • Property management system

  • Dashboard and management reporting

  • Algorithm integration

  • Data capturing and reporting

  • Marketing applications and analysis

  • Data conversion and transfer

  • Dashboard reporting systems

Any one of these instances can arise at any time and the Rosillo.Net team are well placed to provide an immediate and enthusiastic response to review the bespoke software development options.


  • .Net

  • c#


  • cloud

  • office add-ins

  • window service

  • winrt

  • wpf

  • xaml

  • silverlight 

  • Methodologies

  • scrum

  • prince2

  • plan driven

  • feature driven



  • ajax

  • html / html5

  • css

  • javascript

  • jquery

  • web service

  • e-commerce 


  • extreme

  • test driven

  • prototype

  • lean

  • multi-lingual

  • Mobile

  • ipad

  • iphone

  • android

  • windows tablet

  • windows phone

  • map services

  • sms 


  1. website

  2. email

  3. database services


  • sql server

  • mysql

  • access

  • sqlite

  • nosql

  • oracle

  • xml

  • ria service

  • data service 


  • punchout

  • consultancy

  • conversion

  • data transfer

  • component


  • vb

  • c++

  • java

  • asp

  • com

  • dcom

  • activex

  • vbscript 

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