rn_newsRosillo.Net International  (RNIS) news media service are flexible and tailored to fit your needs. We can provide you coverage by the hour, day, event, investigative assignment or as a writers and  producers.

We offer our services for magazines, newspapers, TV and radio.

Rosillo.Net International services are generally received one of three ways:

  • Internet FTP. RNIS provides its stories, advisories and Budgets via its own FTP system using the Internet for instant transmission. Again, we provide and install all necessary equipment. This is not e-mail, but rather an instant, secure delivery system.
  • Password-protected Web site. RNIS also provides its materials via a password-protected Web site. This delivery method is very effective for subscribers when they travel anywhere in the world. A number of subscribers simply prefer to receive RNIS in this way. That’s what the login window is for on the Subscriber Login page of this site.
  • E-mail. There’s even a fourth delivery method just for PR agencies. It’s an extremely low-cost e-mail service that will immediately send you only materials linked to keywords that you choose.

Whatever the delivery choice, Rosillo.Net International’s own employees will install and supply everything necessary for you to receive the service. There is no hassle and no need for you to worry about technical issues.


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